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Menslink supports young men across Canberra through their free mentoring and counselling services. Over the past eleven years, Menslink has helped thousands of young Canberran men and their families. Menslink provides mentoring and friendship from responsible volunteer adult men to young guys aged 13-18, while our professional counselling service is available to young men aged 12 through to 25. All Menslink services are free to anyone in need. Why does Menslink focus exclusively on helping young men? Consider the following:
  • One in four young men will suffer depression or anxiety (the same rate as young women) but only one in ten will get help for it
  • More young men aged 15 and above kill themselves each year than by car accident: lots more; suicide remains the leading cause of male death in every age category from fifteen to forty-five
  • 14% of young men aged under 18 will have a brush with the law
  • 17% of young men don’t live with their father so may not have a live-in adult male role model to show them how to grow into mature, responsible, contributing adult males themselves
On behalf of our staff, our fantastic cohort of volunteers, our young men and their families, Menslink really appreciates the support provided by Capital Chemist. Capital Chemist’s sponsorship is an excellent example of a local company strengthening their community by helping a grassroots community organisation help others.

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