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Lung Function Testing (Spirometry, COPD Screening)

Lung Function Testing involves the use of a special device that measures the volume (called capacity) and force that your lungs can produce. This can involve the use of a Piko-6 Device, or in more advanced settings, a Spirometric Device. Lung Function Testing is useful for asthma, COPD, and smoking cessation.

Pharmacists can use Spirometry or Piko-6 to screen at-risk patients for COPD - a progressive lung condition that affects every smoker and some people who have been exposed to second hand smoke or workplace chemicals. Early detection and referral to your doctor can ensure that your lung function any loss in lung function is slowed.

Patients with COPD can use Spirometry or Piko-6 to determine if their lung function is worsening - an important piece of information to consider for exacerbations or lung infections.

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Patients who smoke can use Spirometry or Piko-6 to see how their lung function improves after they have QUIT. Lung Function Calculators used in Capital Chemist can help you see where your lung function is now, what it should be, how it will improve after you QUIT, and what it will be if you continue to smoke.

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Patients with asthma can use Sprirometry to demonstrate how their preventer treatment is helping to maintain control of asthma symptoms and minimising inflammation in the lungs that cause shortness of breath.

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