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What is an e-script, and how do I use it?

e-Scripts are arriving soon in Australia - and Capital Chemist is ready to go!

Recently, we’ve seen a rapid shift in the way that health professionals are providing healthcare to their patients — from telehealth appointments through to mobile phone apps and everything in between.

As the most accessible healthcare professional in the community, it’s important that pharmacists support patients to access these services through whichever method they prefer. We’re very excited that e-scripts are arriving soon, as not only will they allow us to provide timely and more efficient care, but they will make life easier for our patients.

What are e-scripts?

In simple terms, e-scripts are a digital version of a prescription - there is no piece of paper. The prescription lives in a secure script “vault” and can only be accessed with the unique link given to the patient. e-Scripts provide a simple way for your doctor to securely send your script to you via SMS or email.

How do they work?

During your doctor’s consultation, you will be asked if you want your script as a paper copy or in electronic form. If you choose the electronic option, you’ll receive an SMS or email that allows you to access your prescription via a link. Once you click the link, you can easily view your prescription (presented as a QR “token”) and add it to your digital script wallet through our app.

From there, you can securely share your e-script with your pharmacist for dispensing — either ordering it through the app, or sharing the scannable token with your pharmacist in-store, by e-mail or SMS.

Can I still use paper-based scripts?

Absolutely. Traditional paper-based scripts will continue to be used across pharmacies. Paper prescriptions cannot be “converted” into electronic scripts.

When can I start using e-scripts?

At Capital Chemist, we are ready to go with e-scripts but the national rollout of this program is massive. Initially, e-scripts will only be available in certain areas. As soon as your prescriber is ready, and you choose to go electronic, you can fill your e-script at your local Capital Chemist, either in-store or using our app. If you don’t need to fill the prescription, just store the token in the app which becomes your digital script wallet.

I’m confused. Where can I find out more?

It’s perfectly normal to feel confused by e-scripts. After all, we’ve been using paper-based scripts for centuries.

Rest assured that if you’re ready to start using e-scripts, we can help you. Our friendly team can help you to understand the system, get set up, and begin using e-scripts. And remember, if you want to stick with paper that’s OK too!

Even if e-scripts aren’t available in your area, we can help you manage your scripts using a digital script wallet. Ask in-store and we can send you a link to download the script management app that is right for you.

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